Classroom Expressions

Classroom Expressions

(1) 책 펴세요.
Chaek pyeoseyo. Open your book.

(2) 잘 들으세요.
Jal deureuseyo. Listen carefully.

(3) 따라 하세요.
Ttara haseyo. Repeat after me.

(4) 읽어 보세요.
Ilgeo boseyo Please read.

(5) 대답해 보세요.
Daedapae boseyo. Answer (the question).

(6) 써 보세요.
Sseo boseyo. Please write it.

(7) 알겠어요?
Algesseoyo? Do you understand?

(8) 네, 알겠어요.
Ne, algesseoyo. Yes, I understand.

(9) [아뇨] 잘 모르겠는데요.
[Anyo] jal moreugenneundeyo. No, I don’t really understand…

(10) 질문 있어요?
Jilmun isseoyo? Do you have any questions?

(11) 네, 있는데요.
Ne, inneundeyo. Yes, I have (a question).

(12) [질문] 없는데요.
[Jilmun] eomneundeyo I don’t have (any questions).

(13) 천천히 [말씀]해 주세요.
Cheoncheonhi [malsseum]hae juseyo. Please speak/say it slowly.
(14) 잊어버렸는데요.
Ijeobeoryeonneundeyo. I’ve forgotten.

(15) “Test” 한국어로 뭐예요?
“Test” hangugeoro mwoyeyo? How do you say “test” in Korean?

(16) “시험”이라고 해요.
“Siheom”irago haeyo. You say “siheom”.

(17) 한국말로 하세요.
Hangungmallo haseyo. Please speak/say it in Korean.

(18) 다시 한번 해 보세요.
Dasi hanbeon hae boseyo Try it again.

(19) 맞았어요.
Majasseoyo. That’s correct.

(20) 틀렸는데요.
Teullyeonneundeyo. That’s not right.

(21) 오늘은 이만 하겠어요.
Oneureun iman hagesseoyo. We’ll stop here today.


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