Pronouncing Final Consonants

Pronouncing Final Consonants

All the consonants except for ㄸ, ㅃ and ㅉ can be final consonants. However, there are only seven final consonant sounds when pronouncing individual syllables. These are called Batchim (받침) and have their own sound:

Consonant Sound Example

(1) ㄱ k 극장 cinema

(2) ㄴ n 눈 eye; snow

(3) ㄷ t 듣기 listening

(4) ㄹ r/ l 발 foot

(5) ㅁ m 음악 music

(6) ㅂ p 밥 cooked rice; meal

(7) ㅇ ng 싱가포르 Singapore Other final consonants take on one of the above seven end consonant sounds: Consonant Sound Example

(8) ㅋ ——> k (ㄱ) 부엌 kitchen

(9) ㄲ ——> k (ㄱ) 깎다 cut down

(10) ㅅ ——> t (ㄷ) 옷 clothes

(11) ㅆ ——> t (ㄷ) 샀다 bought

(12) ㅈ ——> t (ㄷ) 낮 daytime

(13) ㅊ ——> t (ㄷ) 꽃 flower

(14) ㅌ ——-> t (ㄷ) 끝 end

(15) ㅎ ——> t (ㄷ) 히읗 the name of Korean letter ‘ㅎ’

(16) ㅍ ——> p (ㅂ) 앞 front



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